25 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow [Dec 2019 Updated]

Here we've listed down the 25 best Twitter account that you must follow with the coming of the year 2020. This exclusive playlist of 25 will give you updates from every discipline of life.

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Twitter (1) has always been considered to be one of the go-to platforms when it comes to being updated with the latest events and happenings around the world. It allows you to share your opinion constantly with your circle while consuming global information.

Strategic planning can help you formulate your Twitter (2) into a perfectly blended smoothie with news elements for every part of the circle. Here are the 25 best Twitter accounts you should follow right away to improve on various aspects of your life, via one platform. 

Note: The 25 Twitter accounts mentioned below have been summed up from thousands of Twitter accounts to provide you with the best Twitter mix. 


25 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow:

1. @BillGates

The best way to know how Bill Gates (3), one of the richest men in the world, has built his empire is by learning from him. Follow @BillGates to stay updated about the latest tech news, businesses, and business-related updates. 


2. @GaryVee

Want to stay motivated? Follow Gary Vaynerchuk (4) today! His enthusiastic advice and mentorship can help you reach heights.


3. @Reuters

Read news from around the world from the most trustable and reliant news source- Reuters (5). The news agency founded back in 1851, has been providing us with the latest news on the clock.


4. @Amazon

Its time to shop! Follow Amazon to stay updated with the latest deals and offers available at amazon.com (6) on a variety of clothes, appliances, etc.


5. @HarvardBiz

The Harvard Business Review (7), @HarvardBiz, is the premier business school’s twitter handle that shares articles by the globe’s top scholars and academics regarding business and leadership.


6. @Coinnounce

Coinnounce is the best Twitter handle to follow to stay updated with the latest crypto-related news and information globally. Follow it now to remain uptight in the crypto trade. 


7. @ElonMusk

Follow Elon Musk (8), the founder and CEO of multi-billion dollar companies Tesla and SpaceX, and read about the latest information about his venture into space. 


8. @TFDiet

Managing our finances is something we are all trying to tackle in the best way possible, especially for the individuals in their 20s. Follow this twitter handle and expand your knowledge on money matters. 


9. @BarackObama

Barack Obama (9) has been an inspiration for us all. Follow him to read encouraging and empowering tweets and stories about his life and happenings.


10. @TheEconomist

The twitter handle of the reputed newspaper brand provides news and analysis with a global perspective to its users. Follow The Economist’s (10) twitter handle to stay updated with the story.


11.  @GretaThunberg

Greta Thunberg (11) is the 16-year-old climate and environmental activist who has been fighting for the earth’s future via climate strikes and protests. 


12. @AOC 

The young congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (12), has been in the spotlight for her straightforward analytic debates and aims at making America great again!


13. @Forbes

If you’re looking for entrepreneurial advice and inspiration via startup stories, you must follow the leading voice for entrepreneurial success and free enterprise on Twitter. 


14. @TEDTalks

The nonprofit platform is devoted to spreading ideas and motivation worldwide. Additionally, the platform provides an opportunity for people from the various spheres of life to speak up and inspire the audience with their stories. 


15. @GoodHealth

It is necessary to stay healthy to succeed in all the endeavors in your life. Follow @GoodHealth twitter handle to stay updated on various health-related topics.


16. @MichelleObama

Ever since the launch of her book, ‘Becoming’ Michelle Obama (13) has become one true idol women look up to for empowerment and inspiration. Follow Michelle Obama to watch her assist the worldwide growth in different ways.


17. @MichellePhan

The 32-year-old YouTuber started her journey back in 2007 and has grown to launch her own brand Em Cosmetics (14) today. Michelle Phan (15) makes inspirational and beauty & make-up content for her followers.  


18. @TheEllenShow

Always up for a good laugh? Follow Ellen (15)! She has been entertaining masses for years through her quirky interview session with some of the most famous celebrities. 


19. @RichardBranson

The Virgin Group (16) founder claims to be a Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Follow him to gain life-lessons from the entrepreneur.


20. @FunnyOrDie

This is another Twitter handle that provides you with the funniest tweets and memes. Follow this Twitter handle if you want to read some content for a stress-free laughter session. 


21. @TLC

One of the Travel & Leisure Company (17) provides us with some of the best travel and leisure videos and episodes. Follow this page to stay updated on the latest luxury getaways.


22. @BBC

The 97-year-old news agency claims to be on a mission to enrich our lives and to inform, educate, and entertain us, no matter where we are. 


23. @CNBC

Another news agency that has been providing us with the latest and most trustable news content from around the world. Follow this Twitter handle to find updates on the latest happenings from different disciplines.


24. @WSJMarkets

The Twitter handle run by The Wall Street Journal (18) provides its followers with the breaking news, smart analysis, and in-depth features on global markets and finance.


25. @NigellaLawson

Who doesn’t love food? Follow Nigella Lawson (19) and stay updated about her latest recipes along with reading review articles on restaurants and more. 


Here we have summed up the 25 best Twitter accounts that you can follow to expand your horizon and multiply your knowledge from different disciplines. Consider this as the best Twitter playlist that has been specially created by us for you.

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