3 Ways tech can help your startup succeed in India [in 2020]

Technology can be extremely beneficial for your startup that will help to increase the efficiency of your business while converting the leads into sales virtually. Here are three ways tech can help your startup succeed.

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Technology has changed the way we perceived a lot of things in our life. Today, you can order food in a few taps, build a website without coding, and create custom made clothing online. 

However, many startups and businesses still rely on the orthodox methods of running their business, ignoring the potential of technology. Here are the top three ways technology can help your startup succeed.

Companies like eBay used its first-mover advantage in the ecommerce space, taking retail online years ago, which has made it one of the biggest ecommerce platforms. Today you can find eBay India, UK, USA, etc. functioning equally profitable businesses across the globe. 


Some types of startups that can benefit from the use of technology are:

  • Restaurants
  • Furniture stores
  • Coaching center
  • General stores
  • Confectionaries


3 Ways Tech Can Help Your Startup Succeed

Being part of the Startup India initiative has not only provided a support system for startups but has also served as a source of encouragement for entrepreneurs to startup. 

However, adding a dash of technology to your startup guarantees to enhance your revenue and profit margins. Here’s how tech can help your startup succeed.


1. Expand Reach via Website

As a startup, it’s not easy to gather your first bunch of customers by using traditional methods of promotions. However, you can quickly expand your customer reach by creating a website for your startup, along with listing your service on the page.

Websites help increase your discoverability in the region with the use of SEO and other advanced tools, thereby converting leads into clients. 

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2. Work with New Talent

As a startup, it is necessary to build your dream team to work towards making your startup a success. However, sometimes, an entrepreneur lacks the sources to build a large team as it involves huge investments in creating the office space. 

Thanks to technology that you can now hire people for work from home internships and jobs that allow you to build a virtual team, without spending much capital. 


3. Direct Customer Feedback

Customer is an essential part of a business. The majority of the time, customers are not able to provide feedback to the store physically. However, with the help[ of Google reviews, a customer can give feedback to a startup directly on the web.

While good reviews help a business attract new customers, while bad ones assist you in improving your services quicker. 



Overall, making full use of the latest technology will always benefit your firm. Consider it as an investment in the virtual real estate. Not only are you bound to succeed by using tech in your startup but also mark your spot in the long race of online business.

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