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While many prefer to stick to the traditional way of documenting their text into Microsoft Word, the world wide web has introduced us to various free word processor alternative versions of Word available online at zero cost, unlike Microsoft’s expensive Office product

Today, gaining access to some of the best free word processor alternatives is just a few clicks away. Out of the several options available, here we have compiled a list of the ‘5 Best Word Processor Alternatives Alternatives to Microsoft Word’ available both free online word processor & offline word processor.


Top 5 Alternative Word Processors:

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is the best free word processor alternative available worldwide. It’s no surprise that Google Docs come on the top of our list of a free online word processor. Any user with a Google account can easily access Google Docs and making full utilization of its Word-like features. 

Google Docs
Google Docs

Google docs support MS Word’s .doc and .docx formats that enable you to import documents and edit them further. Being an online word processor, every little change you make while typing your document is recorded and uploaded instantly or autosaved on Google’s cloud. Google Docs even offers a real-time collaboration in which users can edit and work on a paper together at the same time. 

Gain access to Google Docs by clicking here.


2. WPS Office’s Writer

Another great free word processor is WPS that offers an excellent interface for users to type and create documents. The WPS office software is a suite that needs to be downloaded into the systems to get access to it sub-parts like Writer, Presentation & Spreadsheets and runs on Windows, Linux, Android & iOS.

WPS Office's Writer
WPS Office’s Writer

One can use Writer just like MS Word, i.e., offline. It supports the full-screen mode enabling an everyday distraction-free typing experience for its users. The software comes with power-packed features like customizable dictionaries and built-in templates. The system comes with a 1 GB free cloud storage that can be used for storing documents.

You can download the WPS office by clicking here.


3. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper, a free online word processor, allows one to create content with it wholly minimalistic interface. One can edit text and create vivid documents by adding media files- images, videos & audio- to its sheet. 

Dropbox Paper
Dropbox Paper

Anyone with a Dropbox account can make use of the free online word processor. The app provides collaborative & engaging features like document link sharing. With the Dropbox’s cooperative document editing service, a team can together create, review, revise, manage & organize text documents in real-time.

Try Dropbox Paper by clicking here.


4. LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice is another best free word processor alternative for MS Office that provides with the in-line features enabling smooth working for its users. Libre’s substitute for Word, known as Writer, comes with an automatic spell-check & multiple template & extension support. To gain access to its Writer, one needs to install the entire LibreOffice suite on one’s PC. 

LibreOffice Writer
LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice also provides a portable version that is handy for working on the go with the extracted files needing just 300 MB of space requirement. Despite being a highly efficient word processing system, the only con that comes with Libre is its inability to use database files like ACCDB and MDB.

You can download LibreOffice for different systems by clicking here.


5. FreeOffice’s TextMaker

Another suite of office programs, the best free word processor tool TextMaker offers a classic & distinct ribbon menu style. TextMaker’s is probably the best service to use to create an eBook. The free word processor provides an option to pre-view documents before opening them. 

FreeOffice's TextMaker
FreeOffice’s TextMaker

The fantastic part about TextMaker’s office suite is that while installing FreeOffice, one can select to install and download the entire suite or just TextMaker as the free processor program unlike other office suites available in the market that require the whole stem to be installed to gain access to any part of the program. TextMaker support document formats like plain text, WRI, WPD, SXW, PWD, DOCX, DOTX, HTML, and TXT.

Click here to get your TextMaker word processor free.

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