AI Shows To Watch on Netflix

As people fight the COVID-19 sitting at home, after work, everyone has to loosen up a bit and what's better for a tech enthusiast than watching those exciting Netflix shows.

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AI Shows To Watch on Netflix

1. Love, Death, And Robots

This Netflix web series has an excellent premise; it takes sci-fi stories and adapts them into animated short story anthology. The series centres on top writers such as Peter F. Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds considerate science fiction. Joy, Death and Robots have impressive visual effects, while it contains nudity and violence, the portrayal of AI and other sci-fi plot explorations would always allow you to watch the next show.


2. I Am Mother

The teenage girl is raised by a robot that created in case of human extinction to repopulate the earth. The show dramatizes the idea of artificial intelligence, and the storyline investigates how artificial intelligence can perceive goodness in a world where human beings are moving into extinction. More secrets are revealed, and the characters in the series confront many ethical problems, all of which are on the generic side of any story related to artificial intelligence. 


3. Black Orphan

The sci-fi is filled with twists of secret plots and counterplots. Orphan Black tells the story of the characters of Tatiana Maslany, who are clones. Throughout the series, the actress has slipped into 11 characters, all of which are clones with different personalities other. In reality, these clones are robots; this is not a spoiler, but only an interpretation of how the show portrays the AI applications.


4. Altered Carbon

An American cyberpunk series inspired by a book of the same title, Altered Carbon. The series events take place 360 years into the future where the world has been transformed by new technology, leading to human bodies being just a shell (changeable frames), and death no longer being permanent. Several modern innovations, along with AI, have been featured in the film. In February 2018, the first season was aired, focused more on violence against women, the second season takes a turn, and finds ways to address similar trauma cases and power imbalances. However, this year, some AI capabilities will be highlighted to cope with the problems.


5. Omniscient

Omniscient is a Portuguese-based English dubbed TV drama, showing a city where drones are continuously tracking people. The show brings data and privacy problems to a new stage where the company is actively engaged in the life of a person. The story revolves around a young tech trainee from appfutura who is setting out to fight the system to obtain the information she is looking. The series is a fast-paced story and will grip you as you witness the implications of ordinary citizens’ violations of privacy.



Sitting at home can become quite a difficult task amid COVID-19. People have made binge-watching their favorite hobbies. You can also apply for AI internships by answering questions like why should you be hired for this internship, what are your hobbies etc.

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Aakriti Suri
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