Alternative to Inc42: TimesNext Startup Stories India

Inc42 has emerged to become one of the best and most popular startup news platforms. TimesNext is another excellent platform that you can go to to read unique startups stories.

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Inc42 media has emerged to become one of the most popular startup news and startup stories media platforms in the recent past, with more than 15,000 stories published in the last five years. It started back in the time when the startup wave was hitting the Indian economy with rising entrepreneurs.

Inc42 media started with an aim to impart rightful and reliable data-backed news to its readers about the growing startup ecosystem of India. Inc42 provides details of the startup community in India, ranging from initial stage startups to acquisitions by large enterprises.

Maintaining content quality with content quantity is a tough task, which is a skill Inc42 has managed to master within a period of 5 years. But if you’re looking for alternative platforms like Inc42 media to read more inspiring startup stories, we have the best alternative for you.

Note: Inc42 started its data-backed intelligence startup under the firm whose data is circulated in publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, etc. 


Best Inc42 Alternative to Read Startup Stories – TimesNext

TimesNext, the leading startup news India platform, gather the latest news and information about startups in India to present it to their diligent audience. 

The platform provides you with the top and latest startup news, business news, blockchain news, etc. from around the world, ranging from startups fundings, acquisitions, valuations, government policies, investment funds, and much more.


So, what makes TimesNext the best alternative to Inc42:

  1. Unified: TimesNext serves as a unified media platform that provides its readers with the latest updates and breaking news about various topics like startups, business, blockchain, travel, spiritual, etc.
  2. Unique: The team at TimesNext is dedicated to gathering the most unique and unheard startup stories and forming a highly interactive article with it.
  3. Informative: All the latest information and updates, in particular about startups, finance, investments, etc. are provided to its users via the online platform. 
  4. Inspirational: The startup stories shared by TimesNext include the unheard stories of entrepreneurs who have never come into light due to several reasons. These stories give you a whole new way of viewing life and inspire you to take a step forward in your life, without looking back at the trodden way.
  5. Entertaining: Not only has TimesNext served as a startup media platform, but it also provides its audience with time-to-time lifestyle articles about Bollywood, Hollywood, Travel & Spirituality. 


Overall, TimesNext serves as an excellent platform for reading startup-related news and articles on funding, investment, business, etc.

Don’t give a second thought before heading to

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