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TimesNext serves as an excellent platform for reading unique & inspirational startup stories & startup news from across the country and is the best alternative to Yourstory for startup-related info.

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Yourstory, the 2008 launched startup stories platform, started with a clear initiative in mind, of being the voice of the untold entrepreneur stories that have contributed their bit in our gig economy. Shradha Sharma, Yourstory founder & CEO, before launching the popular startup stories platform served as the assistant vice president at CNBC TV18 & also as a brand advisor at The Times of India.

Shradha Sharma Yourstory – these three words are pretty much inseparable and often go hand in hand, and why shouldn’t it? She has formed the most prominent foundation of startup news & startup stories in our country. Yourstory sums up stories of entrepreneurs, change-makers, funding news, resourceful pieces, analyzed reports on India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and more.

The quality content curated on Yourstory’s platform has helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs in gaining access to immensely intelligent networking and funding opportunities. They have published over 60,000 stories by far from different sectors ranging from fintech, agrotech to inspirational stories of social entrepreneurs.

Note: Despite already establishing a presence across the nation, Yourstory broke the linguistic barriers in our country and launched their stories in major Indian languages, like, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese.


Best Yourstory Alternative to Read Startup Stories – TimesNext

TimesNext, the leading startup news platform, gathers the latest news and information about startups in India to present it to their diligent audience. 

The platform provides you with the top and latest startup news, business news, blockchain news, etc. from around the globe, ranging from startups fundings, acquisitions, firm valuations, government policies, investment funds, and much more.


What makes TimesNext the best alternative to Yourstory:

  1. Unified: TimesNext serves as a unified media platform that provides its readers with the freshest updates and breaking news on topics like startups, business, blockchain, travel, spiritual, etc.
  2. Unique: The skilled team of individuals at TimesNext is dedicated to gathering the most unique and unheard startup stories and forming a highly interactive article with it. At TimesNext, being a startup ourselves, we’re driven to motivate our fellow startups by spreading their word among the masses.
  3. Informative: All the latest information and updates, in particular about startups, finance, investments, etc. are provided to its users via the online platform. 
  4. Inspirational: The startup stories shared by TimesNext include the unheard stories of entrepreneurs who have never come into light due to several reasons. These stories give you a whole new way of viewing life and inspire you to take a step forward in your life, without looking back at the trodden way.
  5. Entertaining: Not only has TimesNext served as a startup media platform, but it also provides its audience with time-to-time lifestyle articles about Bollywood, Hollywood, Travel & Spirituality. 


Overall, TimesNext serves as an outstanding platform for reading startup-related news and articles on funding, investment, business, etc. and gaining inspiration from the highly motivated entrepreneurs of our nation.

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Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
Saumya has completed her Diploma in Mass Communication & aims to make a mark as a writer. She's an avid learner & a tech enthusiast striving to gain knowledge in her interested areas, including the latest technological advancements.

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