Best Inspiring series on Netflix to watch now

A TV series could be an inspiration because it can be seen in brief episodes, and your creativity runs for a longer duration than a film.

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Top Inspiring series on Netflix

1. Self Made

This four-part Netflix web series in Hindi follows the inspiring story of African American entrepreneurs, Mrs. C.J. Walker, who built an Empire of Haircare that made her the first self-making millionaire in America. An extraordinary story about a woman who drove everybody to stop her. Although her struggles appear never-ending, she was marked by her creativity, perseverance, determination, and innovation. Mrs. C.J. Walker will be an inspiration for any innovative and businesswomen.


2. Family Business

Family Business tracks the ups and downs of a Jewish family in Paris after their family butcher shop falls. This French best web series in the world is a unique comedy of a family and their funny adventure-building the first-ever marijuana café. However, the family and not the company are at the core of Family Business. The dynamics of family change when sisters and uncles become company partners. But ‘family is family’ is a synonym for infinite love and support, despite the tragedy.


3. Dirty Money

This original Netflix TV series is a documentary about corruption and capitalism. Each episode focuses on one example of corporate fraud, ranging from the disappointment of otherwise trusting brands like Volkswagen to companies in the disgraceful industry – whether they are payday lenders or large pharmacies. This serial includes six-hour episodes. Dirty money is a terrible warning to the effect that the systems intended to protect us could be too damaged to prevent our fall.


4. Workin’ Moms

To all mother businessmen: you rock! After children are thrown into the mix, life gets complicated, which’s the basis of the series. Workin ‘Moms explore maternity by using the lenses of four moms who go back to work and face challenges in their fast-paced and competitive jobs. The show provides an excellent uncensored overview of the realities of professional and personal success balance.


5. GirlBoss

Inspired by Nasty Girl CEO, Sophia Amoruso, the show is a consequence of her multimillion-dollar empire in fashion. At the age of 22, Amoruso started selling eBay vintage clothes on the best NGO in Mumbai, and it took just five years for her to pick up several significant venture capital and have an amount of 180 million euro registered. When you find out what you want to do in life, the series shows the inspiring spirit.


6. Mad Men

There is a reason why Mad Men was one of the most famous TV shows. The 92-episode marketing series gives viewers valuable factual lessons on teamwork, leadership, and human nature that remain true to our business world today. But how you sell yourself is the highest point in the show. What you are or what you want doesn’t matter, but what do you convey to people about yourself.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
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