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In this article, we've provided you with the 4 Pro Tips that will help you choose your career after college but also enhance your professional as well as personal skills.

How to choose your career after college? Pro Tips

While some of us choose our career paths when in our school days, some tend to stay confused till the last minute of their...
In this article, we will address some active initiatives taken by the Government of India to curb unemployment.

10 Initiatives taken by the Government of India to Curb Unemployment

Index Factors Responsible for Unemployment Initiatives by the government to solve the problem of unemployment   Factors Responsible for Unemployment: Unemployment is defined as a condition when...
Technology can be extremely beneficial for your startup that will help to increase the efficiency of your business converting leads to sales.

3 Ways tech can help your startup succeed in India [in...

Technology has changed the way we perceived a lot of things in our life. Today, you can order food in a few taps, build...
The golden ratio is an irreplaceable element of the universes, which has been adopted by various prominent companies in formulating their perfect golden ratio logo.

Upcoming Internship & Job Platform Hiredd.com releases its logo based on...

Visit Hiredd.com for jobs & internships in India. The golden ratio has gained popularity amongst recent times despite it being more of an ancient concept....
TimesNext is one of the startup news and startup stories platforms that has been providing thought-provoking & informative startup content.

How TimesNext is Empowering Startups and Young Entrepreneurs in the country

The Make in India and Startup India initiatives have transformed the reality of young businesses and entrepreneurs in India. The startup wave that hit...
TimesNext serves as an excellent platform for reading unique & inspirational startup stories & startup news from across the country and is the best alternative to Yourstory for startup-related info.

Alternative to YourStory: TimesNext Startup News India

Yourstory, the 2008 launched startup stories platform, started with a clear initiative in mind, of being the voice of the untold entrepreneur stories that...
Inc42 has emerged to become one of the best and most popular startup news platforms. TimesNext is another excellent platform that you can go to to read unique startups stories.

Alternative to Inc42: TimesNext Startup Stories India

Inc42 media has emerged to become one of the most popular startup news and startup stories media platforms in the recent past, with more...
There are quite a few crypto news aggregator platforms out there like CryptoViral, Cryptocontrol, and Cryptopanic.

Five best Crypto News Aggregators [for 2020]

If you are a serious cryptocurrency trader and want to make the right decisions at the right times, then crypto news aggregators are a...
A crypto news aggregator helps you save the trouble of constantly switching tabs to get all the latest updates like Cryptopanic app does

Cryptopanic: Crypto News Aggregator. Why CryptoViral is better?

What is Cryptopanic? Cryptopanic is a crypto news aggregator that allows users to keep track of the latest happenings from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry....
In this article, we have mentioned the Top 10 Health Care Companies in the United States. We have also listed their features & benefits.

Top 10 Health Care Companies in the United States

Article Index: 1. Introduction 2. What are the Health Care Companies? 3. Top 10 Health Care Companies in the United States 4. Conclusion   1. Introduction:  Evaluating any health care company...