CricBuzz: All you need to know about India’s Biggest Cricket App

CricBuzz owned by Times Internet was one of the prolific news websites and which got purely dedicated to cricket.

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Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. What is CricBuzz?

3. The History of CricBuzz

4. The Popularity of CricBuzz

5. The Salient features of Cricbuzz


1. Introduction:

CricBuzz owned by Times Internet was one of the prolific news websites and which got purely dedicated to cricket. Though it got started as a cricket news website portal over the days, the makers have developed an app version of the same to get a higher number of users through smartphones — the app version of this news portal gest named as CricBuzz app


2. What is CricBuzz?

CricBuzz not only provides content news about the cricketing arena but also offers various articles happening around the world of cricket. The lucrative features of CricBuzz include live coverage of cricket matches, which include live scores, live videos, and quick text commentary of the live games. 

Note: CricBuzz also houses stats of each player in every format, along with the team rankings in each format. 

Today, CricBuzz is one of the most popular and renowned apps for live cricket scores and the latest cricket news in our country. Cricbuzz also provides a review of the matches played and lists the advantages and drawbacks of both the winning and losing teams. 


3. History of CricBuzz:

In 2004, two budding developers, Pravin Hegde and Pankaj Chhaparwal, created the CricBuzz news portal online. In 2010, due to the advent of smartphones, the developers decided to work on the CricBuzz app to provide live cricket scores and news. 

Times Internet, a subsidiary group of Times of India in November 2014, acquired a majority of stake in this cricket new portal for an undisclosed sum. Though Times Internet has acquired a majority portion of CricBuzz, the website still gets managed by the original makers itself.

After acquiring CricBuzz, in January 2015, the company merged its GoCricket application into CricBuzz. The online portal of GoCricket got redirected to the CricBuzz portal, and the GoCricket mobile application also got combined with the CricBuzz app. 


4. The Popularity of Cricbuzz over the years:

Since its mobile app version got developer, the popularity of CricBuzz has experienced higher bounds. As of October 2019, CricBuzz ranks at number 40 in India and number 406 globally, according to Alexa Internet. In 2014, CricBuzz was the most searched website or online portal in India. 

The CricBuzz app, which is the smartphone version of the online news portal, has had over 100 million downloads, and the online portal gets used by more than 50 million users in the country and worldwide as of October 2019. The website has now generated more than 2.6 billion page views since its revamped version from January 2015.

CricBuzz was also the title sponsor for the India-Srilanka test series in August 2015.


5. Salient features of CricBuzz:

  • It was the first online web portal which got designed only to showcase news around the cricketing world.
  • The most prominent feature CricBuzz is the live commentary. CricBuzz provides instant live analysis of every cricket match happening around the world. Its live review is on par with the timings of a live game.  
  • The live text commentary team comprises of some eminent cricketing experts who provide instant updates of a game in the form of texts. 
  • The mobile version of CricBuzz, the CricBuzz app, is mainly responsible for the popularity of CricBuzz today. It was only after the development of the CricBuzz mobile app, CricBuzz experienced a splendid boom in terms of popularity and consumer usage.
  • Not only cricketing news, but CricBuzz also provides complete information of a player, which is his cricketing stats in each format, such as test t20 and odd. Moreover, it gives the stats of the player even of the exquisite Indian Premier League. 
  • By this feature, you can find out eminent stats such as matches played, runs scored, and the wickets acquired, and many others in each format of your favorite player. 
  • CricBuzz also holds discussions on distinguished topics such as a team’s tenth and weaknesses, strategy; the deserved eleven to feature in the match before the start of a prominent series. 
  • These series of discussions get uploaded in the form of videos on the CricBuzz online portal. The set of a debate always gets hosted by Harsha Bhogle, the famous cricketing expert in our country. Harsha Bhogle is also a member of the Times Internet group. 
  • CricBuzz also provides the latest and updated information about prominent cricking leagues in the world, such as Indian Premier League, Big Bash, PSL, Global T20 Canada, Caribbean Premier League, and many others. 
  • It provides all details starting from scores, commentary, players in each team along with auction details, and prices of each player. 
  • Another lucrative feature of the CricBuzz portal is that it provides live photos or images directly from the cricket match. Users can also download the pictures of their favorite players and store them on your device. 
  • CricBuzz also provides an International schedule of each cricketing nation soon after their schedule gets announced. So, by browsing the CricBuzz online portal, any users can find out the plan of his favorite cricketing team. Here, the program of the cricketing team includes the date and month as well as the venue and timing of the matches going to get played against the other side.
  • Using CricBuzz, users can only access the scorecard or the match news of the previously played games by using the Archives feature. 
  • Along with these features, CricBuzz also provides instant stories about each international player in the cricketing world. When a player gets married or faces a lifetime ban for playing cricket, every news gets updated on the online portal. 

Today it is because of these features CricBuzz is the most prominent cricketing news portal all around the world. Though many apps have come into limelight after the advent of CricBuzz, they have not been able to gain the same popularity as CricBuzz.

The reason for this popularity is the embedded qualities of CricBuzz, such as the CricBuzz mobile appthe live cricket scores, and instant news and updates in the cricketing world. 

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