How Startups help in Employment Generation in India

Startups in India has generated an estimated 187,004 direct jobs since its creation in 2019, with the total number of related indirect jobs accounting for more than 560,000, according to the government.

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How Startups may Help in Employment Generation

Gen Z, which strongly trumps inclusive development, leads the Indian startup framework ecosystem. The number is predicted to reach 10,000 startups by 2020. It will make India (after the US and China) the largest incubator of the emerging startups after the introduction of the PAN India concept.

To capitalize on the population advantage, India needs to build 10 million jobs per year. Start-up companies and new-age businesses contribute to the development of employment.


Promote Self Employment

To improve the country’s start-up climate, the government has launched ‘Start-up India Hub,’ a virtual forum to connect and engage all entrepreneurs, which makes it more critical for the next generation to teach an entrepreneur’s abilities.

For a population of over a billion and more, it will be challenging to build jobs for everyone. Hence encouraging self-employment is critical for policymakers. This is a good case in point for incorporating business and entrepreneurship lessons in schools.


Role of Job Banks

Job banks are websites where work seekers can check and apply online for job openings. They’re also called job boards.

Online job banks are an excellent place to launch your quest. Take a look at a variety of work banks to get started. Start looking at bigger ones that involve workers at all stages, professions, and locations. Then look at those who specialize in other types of jobs. In any web browser, you can check for “employment bank.”


Students to be exposed to Entrepreneurial Skills

The evolving social and economic climate in the country underlines the need for students to be introduced to business skills early on. In the age of artificial intelligence and the growing talent crisis, ingenuity, and early childhood, creative thinking is becoming increasingly important. The government should allow recompensing children to develop new ideas for the company. Innovative school-wide competitions will inspire young people to become businesspeople.


Role of Government in Employment in India

Unemployment is India’s central economic issue. It is known as the most significant barrier to our country’s economic growth. If this issue had been overcome, India’s financial situation should have improved revolutionarily. Thus, the citizens should be conscientious while voting for a particular political party and know How to Vote #India. India’s government has always taken this issue very seriously. This issue has been the main focus of all the five-year plans in the region. There have been a variety of steps and interventions to eliminate or at least mitigate the unemployment problem.



Although the government is pressing for higher employment by initiatives and businesses are struggling to build jobs in an adverse environment, the start-up industry has emerged as a ray of hope to satisfy the social work expectations.

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Aakriti Suri
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