How to make your 2020 Summers productive

It's now time to shake things up to get your production back if the days seem to mix and don't find any cause for your homework when you're stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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This will not be a typical summer at college. Focus on the bright side!  There are more and more online opportunities for summer at universities across the world. Students may still take advantage of a remote internship or new online classes.


Tips to make your summers productive

1. Have a to-do list

Especially when you have many online classes to handle, you may quickly overlook what you have to do each day. Ideally, build a to-do list of what you have to do the next day before you go to bed. So you know how soon you ought to get up, and all the things are recalled.


2. Make a routine

It’s better for those who work alone, but it’s challenging to find a break for someone like me who stay with society. My job is to open the windows of my room, light a candle, and scroll through Pinterest to gain creative inspiration before I go to work. Having a routine, regardless of how big or tiny your existence on WorkIndia can offer normality during this turbulent period.


3. Workout

It would be best if you also got physical fitness at home while you are nervous about going outdoors for a stroll. Many videos on YouTube guide you through quick training, yoga, or meditation to start a relaxed day. You can also look for various fitness applications available online.


4. Define your workspace

I used to be an individual operating from bed until quarantine. That’s not an advantage. It doesn’t make it easier to sleep later this night if you wake early and never leave your room. We suggest you find a place close to a window to wake you up during the day you do your work if you have no desk. But when you can’t find a space and have to work in the bed, work on the opposite side of your sleep table. Also, I had the chance to sit in the corner of my room next to the window.


5. Online Summer Programs

Colleges and universities quickly restructured their summer academic programs like AMCAT, and many have also implemented several new options online in the summer. Encourage the student to expand their quest and look for new opportunities. You may also sell a dream plan at a lower price because the residential portion would not be costly anymore. College job counselors are all available, and many give online appointments to help students locate the best opportunities.



Don’t forget that summer should be relaxing as well! While their options appear to be somewhat limited by social distance, there are many opportunities to have fun in the house. Binge-watch your favorite series and make delicious dishes.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
Aakriti is a MBA student who believes in extremes. She has been using writing to express herself in a better way. She believes that she is not much of a writer but a sharer instead.

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