KillerLaunch portal launches to help find internships in India

Finding internships in a good company has become difficult for many students. Now the job interviewers and even the universities for higher educations ask for an internship experience in a good company.

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Benefits of interning in a good company

The benefits of interning with a good firm are many! Firstly, the name of that good company gets associated with you, and the CV gets an edge over the others. Secondly, these established companies help provide the best training to these students so that they can gain the best experiences and exposure for a lifetime. Later the student can actually implement these newly learned skills in the jobs that they might take up.

Many platforms in India offer such internship opportunities to students. But still, the student finds it difficult to intern with a good company because these platforms don’t list good internship opportunities, plus the student to recruiter ratio is not balanced. This causes many problems in the student’s life as they constantly have to keep the search for a perfect internship. 

Ideally, an internship providing platform should prioritize both the recruiters and the applicants so that there should be a perfect balance between them, thereby maximizing and making the recruitment process smoother and faster!


KillerLaunch announces the launch of a new website:

KillerLaunch has been one and only best platform in India to provide candidates with startup jobs. The site mainly focuses on startups because having experience in startups is also very important. Now looking at the need and demand for internships, KillerLaunch has launched a new platform for finding internships- will be having all the best internship opportunities in India from the top companies. Also, the students can find quality internships within a short span of time to focus on their academics.

Even the recruiters trying to find the best interns for their company can search through a wide variety of students from here, and all of them are verified.

The recruiters can also download the CVs of the students directly and use them for future references. You can visit’s website and explore more about the recruiters’ benefits. 

Here are some benefits that you will only get at while finding the internships:

  • A perfect student to recruiter ratio so that every applicant gets the best internship opportunities here.
  • Easy to use website with a perfect user interface. You can access the website and find/post internships from laptops, mobiles, tablets, or anything!
  • Internship opportunities from the top startups and companies in India for the perfect placement in the jobs later.
  • Advanced filters with multiple options to choose from.’s filters are unique with options like stipend amount, internship categories, start and end dates, location, company’s name, etc.
  • A dedicated help-desk to take care of all your doubts, needs, and queries. Get assistance in just a few minutes because doesn’t like to make the people wait for so long!
  • A resume builder with unique algorithms and AI that builds your resume in 12 formats within a matter of few seconds.

Sound amazing, isn’t it? Join now and find the best internships in India.

Looking for Website Development & Website SEO?

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