Mobile App Development Trends in India [2020 Updated]

We've witnessed some of the best and unique mobile development trends in the last decade. Here are some of the top mobile app development trends in India and how they'll be transforming the future for us.

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All crazy ideas seem impossible until they’re done. In the 90s, everybody thought mobile phones were an ultimate invention for humans to communicate until FaceTime was launched into the market. Mobile app development has been on an endless roller coaster ride.

Mobile apps form a crucial part if our lives where they’ve helped us, not only in our day-to-day tasks but also in making our professional lives more convenient. The integration of advanced technology like AI and AR with our mobile apps has given rise to multiple mobile app development trends in India.


Mobile App Development Trends in India

1. Wearable Apps

Be it keeping track of our healthy habits or a rather simple task of taking endless selfies through voice command. The wearable apps are at a constant high, with a trend that only shows scope for further growth.


Some of the rising wearable mobile app development trends in India are:

– AI Smartwatches

The key purpose of having a watch is to serve as a device for checking time. However, with smartwatches, a person can now do anything and everything with his smartwatch- from making calls, using a calculator, to playing games- all in one device.

Smartwatches might eliminate the need for smartphones in the future because of their increasing intelligence. Wearable apps and devices are the ultimate solutions for managing multiple IoT domains together.


– Wearable IoT Healthcare

Wearable IoT healthcare has enabled its users to carry on their healthcare check-up, from minor tasks like checking the heart-beat to testing the blood sample for sugar levels. The healthcare and tech departments are working closely to bring modern solutions to modern-day healthcare problems.

Some of the wearable IoT healthcare startup stories in India include,

  • BeatO (1)- Test sugar levels in the blood 
  • Onward Health (2)- Diagnose your chances of cancer
  • ten3T (3)- Detection & prevention of medical episodes


2. On-Demand Apps

The on-demand apps have eliminated the hassle involved in gaining access to products and services, making it more convenient for users to order-in at any time, anyplace.

– Ride-hailing apps

The on-demand taxi-hailing services like Uber (4), Lyft (5), and Ola (6) have played a major role in replacing the traditional commuting aspects, making it more convenient to connect with the right cab services for traveling locally and out-of-station. 

The on-demand taxi services have helped in bridging the market gap, which is the reason for their ever-rising success. Currently, its an established mobile app trend seeing rising competitors, and also has some potential development aspects associated like the introduction of air taxi services in the future. 


– Food ordering apps

The on-demand food delivery apps like Zomato (7) & Swiggy (8) offer the fulfillment of one ultimate necessity of a human being, food. The app has done wonders in business, especially because of its easy-to-use user-friendly layout and design.

In fact, apps like Big Basket (9), integrated the VR tech with their app to launch a real-time grocery shopping experience for its users recently. It’s not long before we have cloud kitchens introduced– oh wait, hasn’t it already?


3. Chatbots

Chatbots, widely used by MNCs and organizations, is a software designed to simulate conversations via auditory or textual methods with human users over the internet. They make use of AI and machine learning, which have become an essential part of the app development industry now.

Moreover, the AI and machine learning tech used in chatbots will be used used to expand its usability in the workplace soon. Some of future mobile app development trends in focus are:

  • AI-enabled chips
  • Automated machine learning
  • Interoperability among neural networks

Machine learning and AI are the future of technology and are also some of the top courses on sites like Internshala and HelloIntern.


4. IoT Apps

IoT or the Internet of Things is an interrelated system of computing devices and software working in association with the outside environment. The smart technology has brought advanced solutions to humane problems.


Some of the great IoT app trends that have recently been introduced are:

– Amazon Go No Checkout Store

Amazon (10) has developed an IoT app that has created a store without a cashier. A user simply walks into an Amazon store, takes all the things he/she needs, and the amount automatically gets deducted from their wallet when they leave the store. 


– Home Automation

Smart applications and devices have made an effort into making it an easier task to control our home right from our smartphones. Some of the app like that for lighting, security, and environmental controls have made our life ten times more convenient. 

Some of the other IoT future trends to be seen are:

  • Self-driving cars (already introduced by Tesla)
  • Further advancement of IoT in healthcare
  • Smart homes & smart areas



Overall, heading towards the future, we are witnessing the technology we saw in sci-fi movies come to life, giving a ray of hope to better and more advanced apps and devices for a better life ahead. Some of these mobile app development trends, like that of self-driving cars, have already been tried, tested, and introduced by Tesla and some top car-models.

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