Practo – All you need to know about the Doctor Appointment Booking Website of India

This article states the efficient working process and the characteristics features of Practo. We have also listed what benefits of Practo for Doctors as well as Practo for Patients are. Finally, we have also given valid reasons for the humongous success of Practo compared to other services in the health care industry. 

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Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. What is Practo? Is it Practo for Doctors only or Practo for Patients only?

3. What is the primary motive of Practo for Doctors? What are the benefits of Practo for Doctors? 

4. Characteristic features of Practo

5. Funding details of Practo

6. How did Practo become such a humongous success in the healthcare industry?

7. What is the Practo App? What are its features? 

8. How can anyone use the Practo Login? 

9. Conclusion

1. Introduction: 

practo logo

I hope everyone here knows about Swiggy, the elegant food service app, which is quite famous nowadays. Similar to the operational process of Swiggy, we have a dedicated app service that helps you in booking appointments with doctors called as Practo. Yes, what Swiggy does with foodservice Practo does the same with healthcare services


2. What is Practo? Is it Practo for Doctors only or Practo for Patients only?


No, it is for both doctors and patients. Practo helps you to check the availability of a doctor in your area, along with his area of specialization. In simple words, Practo helps you in booking an appointment with the doctor right from your cellphone or through its website, which in short can get described as locating a doctor or health-related information. It makes this work happen easily and quickly, right?

Practo has today become the familiar and trusted home for millions of people who require hospital services at their nearby location. It serves as a fastening link between the people and hospital services by providing them assistance in finding the right doctor. 

It also helps in assessing the health issues, obtaining medicines, booking diagnostic tests, and also gives you specific tips in life on how to stay healthier every day. 


3. What is the primary motive of Practo for Doctors? What are the benefits of Practo for Doctors? 

Not only customers, but it also provides assistance for all hospitals and doctors by providing them a podium to showcase what they are capable of and also helps them in growing their network stronger every day. 

It also supports all these eminent healthcare providers in increasing their engagement with the patients by improving and building their establishments and presence together.

As per the time of writing this article, Practo has its operation spread more than 15 countries around the world. In these 15 countries, Practo is operating as a consumer and software business in 5 of the nations, and in the rest ten countries, it is serving as an enterprise software business

Practo boasts of a record of more than 50 million appointments for each year. The whole Practo network consists of more than 2,00,000 health care providers embedded in it. 

The motto of Practo is simple and clear. They want to create a simple, more comfortable healthcare experience by helping thousands of doctors and millions of patients combined altogether. 

All the doctors and health care providers listed in the Practo network are duly verified, and all their documents get checked thoroughly. Each doctor’s profile gets verified for their qualifications, medical license, and specialization. 


4. Characteristic features of Practo:

practo features

4.1 The prime motto of Practo is to improve the healthcare services in this diverse humanity and help each and everyone experience better quality healthcare services. 

4.2 One of their noteworthy points is to inspire several doctors present in the community to build up a strong trust in the patients that they are always ready to help people.

4.3 It helps in the growth of this healthcare community by providing timely healthcare services to all its customers by acting as a connecting link between the provider and the customer. 

4.4 Their vision is to signify and amplify the amount of motivation in each healthcare provider so that he can strive hard for excellence. 

4.5 They also reward all health care providers with timely awards and recognition for their selfless contribution to society.

4.6 Practo, wants to bring the whole healthcare community at a single place so that it can impact millions of people around the world with its work. 


5. Funding details of Practo:

The funding details of Practo are as follows:

5.1 To expand its network into more markets worldwide, Practo got bestowed with a Series D funding of 55 million dollars in 2015.

5.2 In the same year, it had a funding investment led by Chinese internet giant Tencent which funded an amount of 90 million dollars in the Series C funding. This funding had the backing of three other investors, such as Russia’s Ru-Net, Japan’s RSI fund, and New York’s Thrive Capital

5.3 Practo has received total funding of around 180 million dollars from its existing investors, such as Sequoia, Capital G, Matrix, Sofina, and Altimeter Capital Ventures

5.4 Practo has broadened its approach to the International market and also its expansion into emerging markets such as in countries, namely the Middle EastLatin AmericaSoutheast Asia, and Africa, with these series of funding.

6. How did Practo become such a humongous success in the healthcare industry?

Following are the points which were responsible for the immense success of Practo in the healthcare industry:

6.1 We all know that healthcare is the industry that has provided an impact, whether positive or negative, in everyone’s life more than once. Finding a doctor with a single click or getting timely services during emergencies was impossible during those days. 

There was the need for a one-stop platform which can provide all type of health services within a single click or sitting comfortably at home. 

6.2 Then entered Practo, which had the same motive but also wanted to provide a positive impact on the healthcare industry by allowing customers to access all types of health care services in the country quickly. 

6.3 The main problem which lies in our country is that it is densely populated, and it needed many healthcare providers due to its high population. 

Practo has lessened this ratio by providing healthcare services to the people in need efficiently and has also provided a platform for most of the doctors to shine who do come out in public often. 

6.4 Today Practo is an eminent solution for most of the people in our country, which include people residing in metropolitan cities. 

6.5 People living in urban cities have got benefited through Practo, so much that it has got renamed Practo ChennaiPracto BangalorePracto MumbaiPracto Pune, and so on, respectively. 

6.6 Other than this, the main reason for the success of Practo is the double-sided model, which it houses that includes practicing of the eminent management software technique to all the healthcare centers housed under it. 

6.7 This feature of Practo helped the health care centers apply better management techniques through which they can attend a higher number of patients at a time. 

6.8 Practo is thriving today, not just because it was unique. It was successful because it provided additional benefits not only to its customers, but those benefits got equally spread to out to its share of healthcare providers. 


7. What is the Practo App? What are its features? 

practo app features

7.1 Practo app is the mobile application of the Practo platform, which got created for the better accessibility of the platform to its customers. The website of Practo had some inhibited features and had issues with its regarding its portability and engagement. 

7.2 These disadvantages made the developers come up with a mobile application for the platform, which had more features embedded in it and made the whole job of the platform look more easier

7.3 The Practo App is available for download in the Google Play Store as well as App Store and can get downloaded for any set of Android or iOS devices. 

7.4 The salient features of the app are that it not only lets you book an appointment for your desired health care service, but it also houses a unique Q&A feature in it. 

7.5 This feature enables you to consult the required physician or doctor and clarify your doubts and solicit advice from them regarding your health. 

7.6 You can also access other healthcare services such as health insurance, medicine availabilities, online medicine delivery, and other lucrative features directly from the Practo App.


8. How can anyone use the Practo Login? 

practo login

8.1 Anyone can access the Practo Login by registering quickly on their website. You have to fill in your required details, which can let them contact you daily in case you use the platform.

8.2 Registering to the platform through the mobile app is quite easy. When you install the app on your smartphone, it asks your permission to know the location and the access of your media files. 

8.3 Initiate every consent by clicking on the yes button so that the app can access your media files and location. 

8.4 Once it gets done, a One Time Password will get sent to your mobile number, which you have to enter in the required fields. Once this step gets done, you will get registered with the platform through its mobile app quickly. 


9. Conclusion: 

Today, Practo is the most active system which helps healthcare providers and customers to connect. Not only India, but Practo is also the primary platform for health care services in more than 15 countries worldwide with a broader reach of around 200 million customers

The best thing about Practo is the founders are not ready to stop at this point. They want to further their expansion process so that each person in the world can get access to every health care possible in the country. Practo is day by day, increasing its base and efficiency. At the same time, it is also staying true to its vision, by impacting millions of people around the world with its work. 

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