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Article Index:

1. Introduction to Sheppard Software

2. The features of Sheppard Software

3. The Nine organized categories of Sheppard Software

4. What age group of people can play the Sheppard Software?

5. Instructional Ideas for using Sheppard Software

6. Five praiseworthy and creative games of Sheppard Software

7. Does Sheppard Software enclose ads within it? If yes, then is there an ad-free version of it?

8. Is Sheppard Software so fun to play with? Does it help your child with his education?


1. Introduction to Sheppard Software:

Headed by Brad Sheppard, Sheppard Software is an educational cum fun website that hosts numerous free, informative, and online games, especially for kids. The website acts like a virtual playground where kids and teenagers can learn while playing at the same time. 


2. The features of Sheppard Software:

The website gets so playfully and lucratively designed that you will never feel the passing of time once you are into the website. Another noteworthy thing to mention here is that the site comprises of so many things and you might not experience or never experience all of it. 

Another praiseworthy thing of the website is that all the games housed in it get differentiated into various categories. All these categories get so organized that it allows teachers and students to comfortably reach their area of the subject and select their desired games. Some of the games present on the website may need an instructional hand before playing, whereas some others may not need it. 

Each game housed on the website helps in developing a sense of curiosity within the kid, which assists in increasing his thirst for knowledge and his challenge abilities. 

We can also consider the Sheppard Software Website as an athenaeum, which comprises educational information and playful activities that help in learning and grasping. 

The categories enclosed in the Sheppard Software comprises of nine broad categories. The classes get organized in terms of fun, interaction, and many more. Moreover, all these activities are available for free to everyone. Isn’t that wonderful? 

This free availability means that anyone can enjoy hours of free entertainment and play on this website. So, this website is providing you loads of learner-based entertainment in a safe online environment, which is free. 


3. The Nine organized categories of Sheppard Software: 

As mentioned above, the classes housed in the Sheppard Software are nine in number. They are:

3.1 Sheppard USA: In this category, the learner will be able to learn the geography, capitals, and states of the United States of America through the form of games. 

3.2 Sheppard World: Here, the learner can learn more about the countries present around the world and other relevant matters by playing interactive games. 

3.3 Sheppard Animals: This category helps in teaching all kinds of animals to your kid through the form of games and tutorials. 

3.4 Sheppard Language Arts: One of the toughest yet exciting categories of the website, the Sheppard Language Arts category, teaches you the basics of English grammar. It brushes up your grammar and teaches you basics such as capitalization, parts of speech, and others through the form of games. 

3.5 Sheppard Health: All relevant information regarding health and fitness can get accessed by playing games in this category. Any subject related to health and fitness, health information, and medical jargon will get provided in this category. 

3.6 Sheppard Science: If your kid loves learning about scientific facts such as cells, seasons, dinosaurs, fossils, and many more, then you should let him play games in this category. 

One of the types which house the most fun-loving games, Sheppard Science, is the category everyone should play at least once. 

3.7 Sheppard Math: A category that requires a lot of mental work to solve problems, Sheppard Math is another fun-loving category that assists in increasing the skills of your child in maths. His math skills will grow by playing games that exercise his math potential.

3.8 Sheppard Preschool: A category which is just for pre-school kids, this category houses games though which kids can identify shapes, colors, numbers, and letters of an alphabet. 

3.9 Sheppard Brain: A category that houses games for both teachers and kids; the Sheppard Brain category comprises games that let you test your brainpower through the form of games. 

Every category mentioned here presents itself with creative and innovative games and tutorials and encloses other engaging activities that keep you interactive throughout the durative of your play. 

The website has got designed in such a way it provides total enjoyment to your kid. This game software comprises of an audio voice, which gets created only for assisting young learners. 

Another lucrative feature is that for grabbing the attention of kids towards them, each activity presents itself with multiple audio and video clues to get the child glued on to the game. 


4. What age group of people can play the Sheppard Software?

First things first, no matter what age group you lie in, you will find something which is creative and innovative enough playing in the software. Sheppard Software has created something for everyone, which is enough to grab their attention towards it.

Sheppard Software comprises of educational categories, which include pre-school kids, kids, teenagers, and adults. Though the cartoon design of the software suits younger kids the most, the fun quotient and the ease of use feature will attract even adults to play in it. 


5. Instructional Ideas for using Sheppard Software:

Some of the instructional ideas which can get followed for using the Sheppard Software are:

5.1 Teachers can allow students to play a game in the Sheppard Software soon after the completion of a lesson. When students are playing a game, teachers can monitor their progress by roaming around through and seeing through the abilities of students individually. 

5.2 Having a conversation with the students soon after they finish the game would be more interactive. In this session, the teachers can ask various questions to students about the finished topics. 

5.3 They can also ask other questions such as what did the students like about the game? If there are any changes to get done in the game, what are they? What type of skills do the students think they have inherited after playing the game? To make the session more creative, the teacher can ask the students to share their experiences through some examples.

5.4 Teachers can later provide an assignment to students regarding what they have learned by playing the game. Teachers can also ask them to play one more game relevant to the finished topic. This assignment can get done in the class or at home or in the leisure time between learning activities. 


6. Five praiseworthy and creative games of Sheppard Software:

The five games which anyone can try on Sheppard Software are as follows:

6.1 Battleship: This game is a simple online version of the classic game ‘Battleship,’ which gets loved by teenagers all over. 

6.2 USA States: One of the most original games in the software, this game presents you with an interactive map. Your child must place countries or states in the U.S correctly on this map.

6.3 Fruit Splat Subtraction: Have anyone of you played Fruit Ninja, the classic android game? Fruit Splat Subtraction is quite similar to this game. In Fruit Ninja, you smash fruits and get awarded points for each fruit. 

In Fruit Splat Subtraction, you will get presented with a math problem, and you have to crush the fruit, which has the right answer. Another fun-loving and awesome game in the software. 

6.4 Bouncing Balls J.R: A game that requires precision and is fun to play, Bouncing Balls J.R. game comprises numerous balls in it. You have to shoot shots with matching colors and eliminate them. Quite similar to one of the games we play on our smartphone, right?

6.5 Food Groups Game: This game is another fun-loving and educational game that we can see on the website. The set comes with a simple application, and the player has to drag an object and place it appropriately in its food group. 


7. Does Sheppard Software enclose ads within it? If yes, then is there an ad-free version of it?

For the first question, yes, the free version of the game encloses quite several ads that will disturb you once the game is over or when you have to go to the next step. To provide no disturbances and smooth flow of the game, the makers have brought in an ad-free version of the game. 

This version of the game can get purchased by paying a moderate amount of 36 dollars per year for the whole family. This feature means that the entire family can play the game for one year without any ad interruptions. 

The makers have also presented numerous discount rates for classroom teachers and whole school sites to utilize this software without any ad interruptions. 


8. Is Sheppard Software so fun to play with? Does it help your child with his education?

Because of the presence of many variants based learning activities and games, the Sheppard Software is quite fun to play with. Sheppard Software comprises of different categories which get organized in a manner to help you with your child’s education. 

The makers have also provided the feedback option for each game, which, upon your feedback, will get changed accordingly. With the presence of all these features, one can genuinely say Sheppard Software will surely help your kids by providing them the foundational pieces of proper education. 

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