Top 10 Health Care Companies in the United States

In this article, we have mentioned the Top 10 Health Care Companies in the United States. We have also listed their features, benefits, and their way of working with detail in this article. So by referring the report thoroughly, you will realize why these companies are the Top 10 Health Care Companies in the United States.

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Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. What are the Health Care Companies?

3. Top 10 Health Care Companies in the United States

4. Conclusion


1. Introduction: 

Evaluating any health care company by the features it offers can be a very tedious task for anyone. Though some points which a customer needs might be present in every healthcare, there are some more points that can make healthcare the best healthcare company. 

Those points include having productive employees, effective management techniques, excellent market reputation, and marketing as well as some unique selling points to attract many customers.


2. What are the Health Care Companies?

The whole internal working of healthcare can get transformed into a unique and lucrative manner through this healthcare industry. Many eminent leaders in this healthcare industry have helped in transforming the role of the health industry and have combined many diverse topics in the right ratio for providing the perfect atmosphere inside healthcare. 

All the health care companies have added new partners to their business. They have also made themselves combine with several acquisitions as well as pharmaceutical or biotech mergers to sustain in this industry for a longer time. 

Though healthcare companies are expanding way too much nowadays, they have made clear that they will never cross or penalize themselves from crossing any set of regulations formed in this eminent industry.

Coming to health care companies again, the U.S. is the most pleasant place where we can see a lot of health companies doing efficient business. The people in the U.S. are busy and always require a helping hand to find anything in society. 

So, these healthcare companies help all the citizens on the U.S. by providing them timely support in their emergencies and also by providing efficient and eminent details regarding the health which might get needed during some time in the future. So, let us have a look at the top 10:


3. Top 10 Healthcare Companies in the U.S. below:

3.1 McKesson Corp:

Visit their website here.

McKesson Corp

This health care company has emerged as a pioneer in the health care companies present in the United States. It got created in 1833 in San Francisco and is also one of the oldest and leading healthcare companies in delivering both pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

This eminent health care has become popular with almost every citizen of the U.S. as it delivers a wide range of equipment, technology, health care products. It also provides other related services to non-healthcare markets, including home health care businesses, extended care facilities, and surgery centers. This health company has captured the whole market from retail pharmacies to institutional providers from North America as well as internationally. 

McKesson Corp holds expertise in providing health solutions for both biotech manufacturers and pharmaceuticals. They are one of the health care companies that have used technology to the fullest for simplifying their whole working process. It was the first health care company to start using tools such as barcode for distribution, pharmacy robotics, RFID tags, and many more.


3.2 UnitedHealth Group:

Visit their website here.

UnitedHealth Group

A renowned health care company whose motto is to provide customers a healthier way of living, UnitedHealth Group got founded in 1974. It gets headquartered in the United States and has introduced many types of services, healthcare products for improving the healthy lifestyle of the citizens. It has also promoted a healthier population in the country due to this feature. 

This renowned health care company has made use of clinical expertise, advanced technology, and also health and data information because of which they always have maintained steady contact with the driving wheel of this evolving health care industry. They serve their consumers or customers through diverse platforms so that every customer meets his desired needs efficiently and adequately.

This health care company also has faculty who have immense knowledge in the subject and even in organizing the health care resources efficiently so that it reaches every citizen out there. They have some unique skills in collecting, managing, and storing data and information because of which they are at a pioneer level in this health care industry.


3.3 CVS Health:


Visit their website here.

CVS Health

Headquartered at Rhode Island, The CVS health care company got formed in the year 1964 and has established itself as a pioneer in the chain of beauty and health care services. Their long list of services includes Pharmacy Benefit Management, Digital Services, Speciality Pharmacy, and Clinical Services. Their services are so extensive that it includes Digital Services, Clinical Services, Specialty Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Benefit Management.

The company has collaborated with the renowned Melville Corporation to expand its operation and to facilitate its growth to a higher level. Melville Corporation is a company that specializes in managing a string of retail businesses.

The main motto of this healthcare is always to provide a comprehensive range of services to all its customers. These services get provided with affordable and user-friendly rates and also are of the best quality. They want to give all types of health care services to its customers within reach of their physical as well as financial ability. 

They strive hard to offer better innovative techniques and methods and also reinvent the pharmacy business to help people improve their way of living healthier.


3.3 AmerisourceBergen:

Visit their website here.


Founded in the year 2001, AmerisourceBergen is the leading drug wholesale company in America and got formed due to the merger between Amerisource and Bergen Brunswig. Both companies were reputed pharmaceutical distributors in this industry and were serving millions of customers around the world. 

The merger of these companies led to the formation of a strong presence, which was primarily to help this healthcare industry with more number of a regional retail chain of pharmacies and clinics and also for providing other alternate care facilities to all its customers.

This health care company boasts of more than 100 years of combined experience in pharmaceutical sourcing and wholesale distribution. They state that they have made a name for themselves in the pharmaceutical industry due to their innovative approach and efficient, creative mechanisms. 

AmerisourceBergen is one of those companies that have strived continuously to improve the situation of patients by providing them the right healthcare at all emergencies. 

They also house a big chain of health care providers throughout the country, which includes pharmacies, clinics, health care systems, acute health care systems, skilled nursing centers, and other assisted living health centers.


3.5 Cardinal Health:

Visit their website here.

Cardinal Health

The 14th highest revenue generating company in the country, the Cardinal Health company, has its headquarters stationed at Dublin, Ohio, and got formed in the year 1971

Its area of specialization lies in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and health care products and serves a massive amount of more than 1,00,000 locations all over the world.

You can call this health care company as a wholesale department when it comes to the health care industry. Not just pharmaceuticals and hospitalsCardinal Health company also helps clinical laboratories, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician offices. 

Their sole aim is to provide the right services for every patient without rescuing its quality but by using an efficient and cost-saving method.


3.6 Express Scripts:

Visit their website here.

Express Scripts

Express Scripts is an American Fortune 100 company and got establishes in 1986. It has its headquarters stationed at St.Louis, Missouri. In terms of total revenue, this eminent health care corporation stands at 25th place amongst all the other companies in the U.S.

Its areas of expertise include home delivery pharmacy services, drug data analysis services, network-pharmacy claims processing, and pharmacy benefit management services. It is also one of the biggest pharmacy benefits management companies in the country. 


3.7 Anthem:

Visit their website here.

One of the reputable health care companies in the United States, the Anthem health care company got founded in the early 1940s. It. is also one of the most prominent for-profit managed health care companies. 

It strives to deliver many integrated health care plans and related services through its innovative approach and also to extend the root of its services. 

It also has unique expertise in dealing and providing a wide range of health care products and also in delivering long-term insurance. It gets headquartered in Indianapolis and is a licensee of the renowned Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. They offer a wide range of insurance plans at affordable rates for both individuals and families.


3.8 Kaiser Permanente:

Visit their website here.

Kaiser Permanente

Founded in the year 1945, the Kaiser Permanente health care company has its headquarters stationed at Oakland, California. It is the leading managed care consortium in the country. 

This renowned health care company operates at more than eight states in the country, which include Georgia, California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Maryland, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. 

It has made a mark for itself in this health care industry by its innovative and creative approach in serving the customers with affordable rates and high efficiency. It is also one of the most prominent not-for-profit organizations in the country. 


3.9 Aetna:

Visit their website here.


Ranked 49 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list, the Aetna health care company got formed in the year 1853 with its headquarters stationed at Hartford, CT. 

It has its specialization in selling consumer-directed and traditional health care insurance plans and services. Its long list of services also includes dental, medical, pharmaceutical, long-term health care, behavioral health, and disability plans.

It also strives to provide extended benefits as services to every individual or family, which also includes its faculty and employers. It houses eminent health care professionals who always come up with an efficient solution every time for helping or assisting the grievances of the patients. 


3.10 Humana:

Visit their website here.


Humana health care company boasts of serving around 20 million customers in the United States and is a for-profit health insurance company in the country. It houses more than 60,000 employees and till now, has reported a revenue of around 50 billion dollars over the years.

In 2018, the company got ranked at number 56 on the Fortune 500 list and also has more than 45 years of practical expertise in serving the health care industry. It is one of those health care companies which have changed the overall dynamics of this health care industry.

They helped change this industry by adopting innovative methods and various other dynamics to keep up with the pace of technologically evolving life. Their prime motto is to control the working costs and create consumer-focused plans through which every customer can inherit several benefits.


4. Conclusion:

Before choosing your health care company, also try to look into the various details the company offers and look for the plan which suits you the most. Always look into the details and make your decision by choosing a policy that provides you the highest amount of benefits in a cost-effective manner. 

Always make a list of the pros and cons of a health care company, and later choose the best one. Look for the services that best suit or fulfill your requirements. 

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