Transformation of India’s Telecom Industry

Throughout the COVID crisis, the unsung hero became Telecom, an industry that became the main focus in keeping people and businesses connected.

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The devastating consequences of the pandemic of Coronavirus have impacted people and companies worldwide. India’s fight to avoid spread has been seen by its people and organizations who come together as never before. Their response has been significant. Although businesses in most sectors were severely affected, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and electronics firms defied the pandemic’s spread and gained considerable public attention. The unsung hero was telecommunications, the sector that was essential to sustaining relations between individuals and businesses, ensuring the economic wheels began to spin.

In the course of the crisis, it was important for the telecommunications industry to ensure that minimum network disruption and commitment were needed to maintain people’s health and well-being. Although mobile networks gave millions of subscribers direct access, satellite technology has closed the holes and strengthened the essential systems, offering help for remote working activities to network providers, governments, and organizations so desired, and expanding vital services to the distant corner of the country.


Data of the Telecom Industry amid COVID-19

Indian Internet usage rose 13% after its national lock-down. On average, for the week of June 22, the Indians processed 308 petabytes (PBs) of data per day. The unexpected rise in demand for the overnight caught up with MNOs trying to expand their capability and handle data traffic. Throughout the shutdown, satellite providers collaborated with MNOs utilizing extra backhaul power to maintain access to both residential and rural areas.

A recent Kantar study reveals that in India rural areas, internet penetration increased by 45 percent in 2019 compared to 11 percent in urban India. While telecommunications operators say that current networks have adequate ability to deal with demand development, there must be tight monitoring and control of demand growth and significant shifts in usage patterns.


Future of Telecom industry in India

The Digital world is here to stay! Today, schools and universities across the country depend increasingly on digital learning. The use of OTT platforms-driven videos like 123mkv and uwatchfree now increases with frequent face-to-face interactions with colleagues, family, physicians, and other service providers. But India needs to significantly increase its communications infrastructure to meet this growing demand and ensure fair access to high-quality broadband. To help individuals, governments, and economies beyond COVID-19, a concerted effort to create a coherent digital ecosystem is required.


Dependence on the Indian Telecom Industry

The overdependence on the conventional mode of internet delivery is among the complex challenges facing India’s broadband communication infrastructure. Via a combination of optical fibers and cellular network antennas, broadband is supplied to homes and businesses in the cities and towns. With a steady increase in demand, the deployment of limited terrestrial infrastructure in the country appears inadequate, particularly in rural areas and remote regions of India. Despite its efforts to achieve connectivity and generous budget allocations, India’s rural topography is still deficient in infrastructure.

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