Upcoming Internship & Job Platform Hiredd.com releases its logo based on Golden ratio

The golden ratio is an irreplaceable element of the universes, which has been adopted by various prominent companies in formulating their perfect golden ratio logo.

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The golden ratio has gained popularity amongst recent times despite it being more of an ancient concept. It defines the visual appeal of a design or object and is irrevocably present in every aspect of nature. Golden ratio, also known as golden rectangle & golden mean, is a shape with a proportion of 1 to 1.618.


What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio (1), also defined by the number phi, is a Greek mathematical concept that ages back to the ancient times and is present in everything universally. 

The golden ratio can be defined practically by taking a stick and breaking it into two proportions to justify the golden ration. Now, if the ratio between the two proportions is the same as the ratio between the entire stick length and the larger broken stick length, then the portions are said to be in a golden ratio. 

Note: The golden ratio is represented by the letter phi (φ), which denotes the irrational value of φ= 1.618034..


Golden Ratio in Nature

The presence of the golden mean or ratio can be founded everywhere in nature. Here we’ll talk about some of the daily items and elements found in real life that will prove the presence of the golden ratio in nature.

Although the golden ratio is present everywhere around us, including ourselves, here are two examples of the same:


– Flowers

golden ratio flowers
golden ratio flowers

The flowers, along with their flower petals and seeds, follow the Fibonacci sequence. In terms of flower petals, consider this- buttercups have five petals, the iris has three petals, some delphiniums have eight, whereas daisies can be found with thirty-four, fifty-five or even eighty-nine petals. 

The phi appears in flower petals on account of the ideal package arrangement. Moreover, the flower seeds also follow a Fibonacci pattern where the spiral pattern goes from center to outwards.


– Honey Bees

honey bees golden ratio
honey bees golden ratio

Talking in terms of a honey bee’s colony, we know that it consists of one queen, some drones, and a lot of workers. All the female bees are formed from the drone and the queen. However, one must keep in mind that drones hatch from unfertilized eggs, which in turn means the entire colony has just one parent. 

Hence, the Fibonacci number sequence defines a drone’s family tree in the honey bee’s colony that has one parent, two grandparents, three great-grandparents, and so on.


Golden Ratio Logo Designs

Multiple companies have modified their previously created logos to fit them into the golden ratio logo design form. Some of the brands who have successfully done so are:


1. Pepsi

pepsi golden ratio
pepsi golden ratio

Pepsi decided to change its logo in accordance with the golden ratio back in the late 2000s. The logo redesign cost the company almost $1 million for the new logo but was considered as their DNA for future innovation.

Check the entire PDF defining the Pepsi logo’s insights here


2. Apple

The Apple logo follows the golden ratio in its determined and mathematical way. It has been constructed using the harmonious formula that is believed to release vibrational energies that boost a brand’s success.


3. Hiredd

hiredd golden ratio
hiredd golden ratio

Launching in February 2020, Hiredd has released its logo based on the golden ratio, which is known to be a harmonizing sequence present everywhere in nature. Hiredd will be serving as an internship and jobs platform in India that aims towards providing perfect job opportunities to its users.



Overall, the golden ratio defines every segment of our life. It can be explained in a further technical manner, which often leads to confusion, which is why we chose a pure blend of words to curate the comprehensive article on golden ratio & its use in the modern-day design industry through golden ratio logos. The next time you look at a design or an object, don’t forget all of them carry the same irrational golden ratio of φ= 1.618.

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