What is a GIF? How to make a GIF?

We all know how personalized GIFs can create a wave of laughter amongst our peers. Here, you'll learn the three methods to create GIFs yourself via- websites, apps & softwares.

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We all know how trendy and cool GIFs are, right? They are like our own personal texting memes. Usage of GIFs has seen a surge in the last couple of years, but you’ll be surprised to know that they have been there for the past 30 years. 


What is a GIF?

So what does GIF stand for? A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format, which is a bitmap image format developed back in June 1987 by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite (1). In simple terms, it is an animated picture. 

GIF is a set of pictures or sequential pictures that have been combined to form a single picture story or emotion, just like from the conventional flipbooks. 

As the meme culture rose around the world, the usage of GIFs rose simultaneously. 


3 reasons for the success of GIFs are:

  • GIFs are easy to make
  • All devices support gifs
  • GIFs are small files ( maximum 1 MB)


Complete Guide on How to Make a GIF:

Multiple tasks have been simplified for us in the current time. From business name generator to GIF generators, everything is just a few clicks away from us. 

You can make your own customizable GIFs and use your creativity to generate a bunch of unique relatable GIFs. Scrolling through memes is great, but have you ever created your meme? 

Keeping memes aside, many users have created gifs of celebrities, series, movies, and the most popular animated series of all- Anime GIF for their communities. 

Follow the steps given to make your own GIFs out of the desired video.


3 ways to make a GIF:

  1. Via GIF websites- Giphy
  2. Via Graphic Softwares- Photoshop
  3. Via GIF Making apps- GIF Maker


1. Via GIF Websites – Giphy

Giphy is one of the most famous websites that the public has been using to create GIFs, sometimes for their own personal use. It is easy to access a website and can be used by almost anyone to create a GIF within a few minutes. 

You can also perform a GIF search on Giphy for looking for popular GIFs like clapping GIF, shocked GIF, GIFS for texting, cat GIFS, funny GIFs, etc.  


8 steps to make a GIF using Giphy,

  1. Visit Giphy.com (2)
  2. Sign up on Giphy 
  3. Click on Create on the top-right corner
  4. Select video file to make GIF from- YouTube link URL or browse from directories
  5. Drag and select the start time for GIF
  6. Drag and select the time duration for your GIF
  7. Once you’re ready with the GIF, Click on Create GIF
  8. Congratulations! Your GIF has been created.


2. Via Graphic Softwares- Photoshop

Another way to create GIFs is through Digital Photo Softwares like Photoshop (3). Photoshop can be very complex to understand for the amateurs and is thus used only by professionals. 

For all the graphics nerds out there, the following are the steps involved in making a GIF on Photoshop using video.


10 Steps to Make a GIF using Photoshop,

  1. Open Photoshop software
  2. Go to File
  3. From the drop-down list, select Import-> Video Frames to Layers
  4. An Import Video to Layers window will pop up
  5. Select the range to be imported
  6. Type in the Frame Limit
  7. Ensure the Make Frame Animation check box is selected
  8. Click on OK
  9. Go to File-> Export-> Save for Web
  10. Make further changes (if necessary) like file size, etc.

Note: If you’re new to Photoshop, it is suggested to use websites like Giphy to make a GIF. Learning how to use Photoshop is already a complicated task. 


3. Via GIF Making Apps – GIPHY Cam

There are several apps available for making GIFs using your mobile or tablets. Some of the top apps are GIPHY Cam (4), GIF Maker (5), etc. 

GIPHY Cam allows you to make GIFs right from your phone without any extra assistance required. It is effortless to use & can be used from anywhere anytime. 


4 Steps to Make a GIF Using GIPHY Cam:

  1. Launch the GIPHY Cam app
  2. Either upload a video or record your own GIF using the camera
  3. Edit by adding text, stickers, filters, etc.
  4. Save the GIF using app & share.


Note: GIF creating apps are perfect to create instant GIFs. 

You can use any of the above-given techniques to create your own GIF from videos. We recommend using GIF creating websites to make a GIF, hasslefree! Additionally, ensure that you create your GIFs on these websites after creating an account if you mean to own a collection of your custom made GIFs. 

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