What is Clone Hero Game? Guide to download, songs & more

Clone Hero, one of the games which are entering into the top charts of every rhythm gaming circle present in the online world. 

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Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. What is Clone Hero Game? 

3. Noteworthy features of the game

4. History of Clone Hero Game

5. Release of Clone Hero and its after-effects

6. Is Clone Hero the copied version of Guitar Hero? 

7. Some Rare features of Clone Hero

8. Steps to download Clone Hero game

9. Popular songs played in Clone Hero

10. Conclusion


1. Introduction:

Clone Hero, one of the games which are entering into the top charts of every rhythm gaming circle present in the online world. Clone Hero has quickly appeared int the charts than many developers could have imagined. 


2. What is Clone Hero Game? 

But what is this Clone Hero? It is a music rhythm game which is the clone of the previous famous Guitar Hero, which got shut down three years ago. 

It is not the exact clone of Guitar Hero; in fact, this game has got added with some lucrative features and can get clearly said as an advanced version of the Guitar Hero game. The game gets filled with so many features that no other video game can think of crossing it. 


3. Noteworthy features of the game: 

Some of the notable features of Clone Hero include intuitive song searching and setlists, complete control over custom songs, chart modifiers, enhanced practice modes, video backgrounds, and many more. With the presence of so many features, this game is the best plastic game you play as of now. Moreover, the game is free to play and stream anytime you want.


4. History of Clone Hero Game: 

The leading developer of Clone HeroRyan “srylain,” Foster has developed clones of popular games even before the launch of Clone Hero. Because of his expertise in developing clones of popular games, he developed the most advanced version of the Guitar hero and presented it as Clone Hero. 

The popular clones developed by him include Tetris clones, Bomberman clones, Pac Man clones with all multiplayer modes. 

Before releasing Clone Hero, Ryan had begun developing the clone for “madeGuitaRPG” in 2012. He used the XNA engine of the game to build its clone. But due to the 2-D nature of the game, though he evolved the clone, it didn’t look much like a guitar rhythm game. 

It looked more like the Dance Revolution game. From these shortcomings, which the clone of madeGuitaRPG possessed, he got inspired with some changes and then created the Clone Hero. 

Since 2012, he was trying to develop a clone on similar lines with the Guitar hero. But cloning a game with a 3-D respective into dimensions is quite a challenging process. This feature tired Ryan to the core, which made him take a break from this project. He even took the choose the problematic step of not letting develop the clone of the game furthermore. 

He then decided to develop the game further in 2015 but gain when the game started showing some bugs and needed some changes; he took another break from the project. Finally, in March 2017, he released the game to the online world, and little did he realize that the game would attain such stupendous success. 


5. Release of Clone Hero and its after-effects: 

Clone Hero got released at an apt time when the sales of Guitar Hero dropped drastically, and it looked like the period of Guitar Hero was going to end. There was a need for another game that had the features of Guitar Hero in the rhythm action game community for guitar lovers. 

Then I entered Clone Hero, which suited the tastes of all guitar lovers and became very famous than Guitar Hero in a short period. Clone Hero got regarded as the best solution for an ideal rhythmic guitar game that people were waiting for many years.

Since 2012, when it was still under development, Clone Hero has undergone many revisions and has got embedded with many lucrative features with every change it has undergone.


6. Is Clone Hero the copied version of Guitar Hero? 

Though most of the people expected Clone Hero to be an extended version of Guitar Hero, after using it, they asserted it to be a more advanced version of Guitar Hero. Even in its earlier revisions, Clone Hero housed many attractive features that no one imagined that software might possess. But Clone Hero offered so much more, even in its early stages. 


7. Some Rare features of Clone Hero:

The lucrative features of Clone Hero include cleaner UI and backgrounds, incredibly quick load times, and unlimited song numbers. This lovely game encloses all the basics which a modern, good rhythmic Guitar Game needs. 

It also encloses some rare features such as a Mac supported version of the game and support for disjointed chords. Some features also include the addition of a sound effect if you fail a song and the display of lyrics while you are playing a song. The total number of stars a player can inherit has got increased to a number of 7. 


8. Steps to download Clone Hero game:

8.1 The first step to download this game is finding its link online. It’s more comfortable compared to before, as the link for updating the newer version of the game is available directly on the Clone Hero website.

Visit the website here.

8.2 The second step will be to download the link and install the game on your computer. After downloading it, you may need to download some custom made charts for adding and playing songs in your library. 

8.3 The third step is tweaking some of the audio and video settings on your computer. Do not forget to update the game whenever an update or revision is available for the game. 

8.4 Though this game can get played with a keyboard, it is better advised to possess a Guitar Controller to enjoy the game more efficiently. Clone Hero supports both five frets and six fret type of Guitar Controllers. Once you are ready with your Guitar Controller, enjoy the game and have fun with it. 


9. Popular songs played in Clone Hero:

9.1 12 Clusterfucks of Christmas

9.2 Black Hole


9.4 Fat Tonys Disco

9.5 ge4ce

9.6 Juggernaut 2K

9.7 Madness March 2

9.8 Madness March Kamikaze

9.9 Patterns

9.10 Patterns+

9.11 Sideshow Bob and Rakes

9.12 Silver Surfer Level 2 Theme

9.13 Smooth Synth Mix

9.14 Sunshine

9.15 Synth Hero

10. Conclusion:

Though the game is still in its cradle version, it has become more famous than any other game could have ever been. This feature shows that right now, there is no other game that can beat the traits possessed by Clone Hero. Clone Hero got immensely popularised when some of the big names in the music industry started to use it as a part of their music practices. 

The popularity of Clone Hero is so immense that each release of the game gets rewarded with a massive amount of downloads. The last two versions of the game resulted in a vast amount of 1,00,000+ downloads

It is only because of Clone Hero the Guitar rhythm community, which got once thought as dead due to the sudden termination of Guitar Hero, is still pretty much alive and going strong. 

The future of this lucrative game looks bright, and the makers have planned to add some excellent features and popularise it even more in this community. It is sure to reach higher levels in its popularity every time a new revision gets released.

Today, it is only because of the introduction of custom made charts in Clone Hero it has become so popular amongst the masses. The videos which are getting created through this beautiful game are racking up millions of views, and all artists are becoming popular day by day because of Clone Hero. 

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