What to do after Graduation in India?

Graduation is that point in life where many people are in a dilemma of what to do next. Thus here we will be discussing the possible options of what you can actually do.

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Did you just graduate and are confused about what to do next?

No worries, you have landed on the perfect page.

Today, we will be talking about your career options after graduation.

Every graduate’s dilemma is ‘what to do now’?

So, today we will be searching for answers to this ‘now’ question.

The decision you make after graduating from college is exceptionally crucial for both your career and your personal growth. A graduate has a wide variety of options (all of which they must explore) available on what to do after graduation. So, it would be fantastic if you did your research.


Basically, you can do two things (if we look at the broad aspect):

  1. Get yourself a job
  2. Study further and learn more


So, what among these two should you choose?

Do not worry if you are confused. It is entirely reasonable to have such kind of queries and questions, and, thus, it is time that you do some serious introspection. 

To help you with your serious introspection, we are here to enlighten you on the different paths available after you complete your graduation:


1) Get a job or an internship

Almost 60% of graduates look for job opportunities or Internships opportunities right after they complete their graduation.

Suppose you are favored towards the idea of getting a job/ internship right after competing from college, then as your first and foremost step. In that case, you need to build a solid resume (an extremely appealing one) and do proper holistic research on the job possibilities available for your field (both inside and outside the campus).

Taking up a job might be an excellent decision to make as it:

  • It Provides financial stability and work experience
  • It gives an early start to your career
  • The most important one, Independence!

Also, it is recommended that you get some work-life experience before you actually start working. Thus, internships are the best for you.

You can even do internships while in your college years or even after completing your graduation.

If you are pondering where you will find internships, then do not worry; websites like Internshala are here to help to the maximum.


2) A Gap year

If you are preparing for some entry-level exams like UPSC, PCs, and any other, then you can even take a year gap to tone up your preparations.

While taking a year gap, you can even apply for scholarships.

All you must do is find which organization (like tsepass) gives scholarships in your state.

Also, to be fully prepared, it is advised that you know everything about the exam. Like you are preparing for Elitmusor UPSC, then you should know everything about the elitmus syllabus and UPSC timeline.


3) Proceed with your studies

Graduation is just the initial step in the journey of your higher education.

Thus, you can even continue this journey rather than working.

I hope you get a clear idea of this article.

All the best!

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Srishti Garg
Srishti Garg
Srishti is a Commerce student studying in Univeristy of Delhi. She has always been passionate about writing. Her favorite leisure activity is to read novels.

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